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System 2300

Flush-bonded glazing

The state-of-the-art System 2300 partition wall system is the structural glazing variant of the System 2000 family. It is characterised by its mirror-like glass look and boasts high sound insulation levels. Like its system sibling, it is highly flexible and based on a modular system which uses the patented Strähle mullion construction with integrated suspension units. The glass is manufactured as fully glazed elements and inserted in the substructure on both sides.

If noise insulation requirements are increased and ceilings are higher, we recommend the system variant with 125 mm wall thickness.

  • Design: Mullion construction
  • Version: Structural Glazing
  • Element types: All-glass, toplight, balustrade
  • Surfaces: Glass wall (toughened glass/laminated glass)
  • Bonding: Light grey (black and white upon request)
  • Wall thickness: 100 / 125 mm
  • Visible width: Frame width 2 x 25 mm / 2 x 35 mm
  • Heights: Ceiling height up to six metres possible
  • Sound insulation: 41 – 51 dB
  • Fire protection: G 30 / F 30
  • Accessories: Absorbers, blinds, flow ducts, organisational systems
  • Partition wall 2300 - Acoustic showroom, Waiblingen
  • Partition wall 2300 - Icade, Munich
  • Partition wall 2300 - Thyssen Krupp, Essen
  • Partition wall 2300 - Acoustic showroom, Waiblingen
  • Partition wall 2300 - Porsche, Weissach
  • Partition wall 2300 - Spiegel, Hamburg
  • Partition wall 2300 - Westend windows, Frankfurt
  • Partition wall 2300 - Merch Serono, Switzerland
  • Partition wall 2300 - Spiegel, Hamburg
  • Partition wall 2300 - Flush-bonded glazing
  • System 2300
  • System 2300

Technical details

The System 2300 with solid walls can be created in countless variations. Here you will find some solutions and standard details. Your Strähle planning consultant will be pleased to provide you with information on individual solutions suited to your project. Obtain an obligation-free quote in your area.

CAD details you will find at planning tool for architects.

Case studies

This is how our finished solutions look. Inspiration and examples for innovative office designs, implemented with System 2300 partition walls featuring structural glazing.


Technical documentation and planning examples can be found here.