Kubus II Meeting

Room-in-room system with double glazing

The Kubus II room-in-room system meets the highest standards of aesthetics and functionality. The reduced design with filigree visible widths and flush-fit glazing on the outside enable easy integration into a range of different office space concepts. Excellent sound insulation values thanks to double glazing ensure a working environment for high concentration. Kubus II Plus was awarded the Architecture + Office innovation prize thanks to its perfect combination of design, functionality, quality and technology.

In the thick of things in peace ans quiet.

In the middle of the day-to-day hustle and bustle of the office, the highly sound-insulated Kubus II stands in the open space like an island. Noises from and to the exterior are shielded. Here, sensitive topics can be discussed in confidence. Low reverberation times over the whole frequency range increase the comfort and guarantee a pleasant environment for discussions and meetings. 

Variants for pleasant interior climate

Kubus II: ventilation 

The standard version has a sound-insulated ventilation system which can be easily controlled via a multifunction touch display.

Kubus II C: ventilation + cooling  

Kubus II C is additionally equipped with a steplessly adjustable cooling convector built into the sideboard and connected to the cold water network on the building side using a flow/return of 16°/18°C respectively.

Kubus II Plus: ventilation + self-contained cooling  

Plug in and keep cool. The cooling convector integrated into the sideboard is supplied with cold water from an independent cooling unit on the roof. This makes Kubus II Plus the self-contained plug and play solution. This version is ideal for revitalising existing offices or for rented space because no alteration to the building infrastructure is necessary.

  • Kubus II Meeting
  • Kubus II Meeting
  • Kubus II Meeting
  • Kubus II Meeting
  • Kubus II - Strähle showroom, Waiblingen
  • Kubus II - Roller Park, Waiblingen
  • Kubus II - Strähle office, Waiblingen
  • Kubus II - T
  • Kubus II - T
  • Kubus I - cooling
  • Kubus II - cooling

Technical details

Design: Modular room-in-room system with double glazing
- Length: 2684 / 3934 mm
- Grid dimension for glazed elements: 1250 mm
- Width: 2750 mm
- Height: 2530 mm
Doors: Aluminium frame doors 40 mm
Sound insulation: Norm sound level difference when installed: D n,T,w = 36 dB (depending on the room acoustics in the open space); corresponds to a sound insulation value of R’w = 42 dB
Absorption: No flutter echoes; low reverberation times of < 0.5 s over the entire frequency range
Building technology: Lights, electric power points and DV ports, speakers, sprinklers, fire and motion detectors can all be optionally integrated.

Kubus II ventilation 
- Steplessly adjustable comfort mode up to 150 m³/h
- Maximum performance of 210 m³/h (intensive airing)
- Low noise output
- Energy-saving operation

Kubus II C – ventilation and cooling
- Cooling convector integrated into the sideboard: Comfort mode up to approx. 700 watts, reserve of up to 1300 watts

Kubus II Plus – ventilation and self-contained cooling
- Self-contained electrical cooling element as a plug & play solution

Case studies

This is how our finished solutions look. Inspiration and examples for innovative office designs, implemented with room-in-room system Kubus II.


Technical documentation and planning examples can be found here.