Glass acoustic wall - System 7400

Transparent acoustic solution with glass acoustic wall

One of the day-to-day challenges for architects and planners is to retain the openness and transparency of open-plan offices whilst also creating a pleasant working atmosphere. The glass acoustic wall from Strähle meets both of the requirements of modern office design.

The transparent System 7400 combines ceiling-high glazed elements with wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted absorbers. This means that it is possible to create acoustically separate zones. The discreet arrangement of the highly-effective absorbers helps retain the openness of open spaces.

The micro-perforated absorber elements are designed specifically for human speech and have a special layered structure. They cover a wide frequency range from 100 to 5000 Hz. Closed corridor walls or doors have been intentionally dispensed with.  

  • Glass acoustic wall - Strähle office, Waiblingen
  • Glass acoustic wall 7400 - Strähle office, Waiblingen
  • Glass acoustic wall 7400 - Strähle office, Waiblingen
  • Henze AG, Lauben
  • Pilz, Ostfildern - glass acoustic wall
  • Pilz, Ostfildern - glass acoustic wall
  • Acoustic glass wall System 7400
  • Acoustic glass wall System 7400

Technical details

All-glass wall: System 3400 with single glazing
Surface: Aluminium profiles in E6/EV1 or powder-coated
Sound insulation: 10 mm toughened safety glass R w,P = 32 dB
Norm sound level difference up to D n,T,w = 27 dB

Wall-mounted absorber: System 7100 advanced of all-glass wall
Surface: metal (powder coated) / textile (Collection Camira Lucia)
Thickness of absorber: 50, 80 und 100 mm
Sound insulation: αw bis 1,0 (metal/textile)

Case studies

This is how our finished solutions look. Inspiration and examples for innovative office designs, implemented with System 7400.


Technical documentation and planning examples can be found here.