Maximum transparency
Reduced to the design minimum.

System 3400

Fully glazed wall with single glazing

Without vertical posts, this versatile fully glazed system with single glazing combines maximum transparency and a high degree of economy. Its elegance and very short assembly times are particularly impressive. The basis is a variable aluminium floor and ceiling profile, which can support a number of different types of glazing. It is compatible with other Strähle wall systems and suitable for corridors where high transparency is required.

  • Design: All-glass design
  • Version: Single glazing 10 – 24 mm toughened glass/laminated glass
  • Element type: All-glass, ceiling-high
  • Surface: Aluminium profiles in E6/EV1 or powder-coated
  • Wall thickness: 22 – 50 mm
  • Glass edging: Silicon joint, cross profile dry joint or bonding
  • Sound insulation: 32 – 41 dB
  • Doors: All-glass doors, aluminium frame doors, solid doors, sliding doors
  • Accessories: Absorber elements (fitted as a shell in front of the glass)
  • Partition wall 3400
  • Partition wall 3400
  • Partition wall 3400 - ADA, Hamburg
  • Partition wall 3400 - Department Freiburg, Freiburg
  • Partition wall 3400 - Parker Hannifin, Switzerland
  • Partition wall 3400 - ÖKK, Switzerland
  • Partition wall 3400 - Olsen, Hamburg
  • Partition wall 3400 - Scala, Stuttgart
  • Partition wall 3400 - fully glazed system
  • System 3400 with sliding door
  • System 3400

Technical details

The System 3400 all-glazing can be created in countless variations. Here you will find some solutions and standard details. Your Strähle planning consultant will be pleased to provide you with information on individual solutions suited to your project. Obtain an obligation-free quote in your area.

CAD details you will find at planning tool for architects.

Case studies

This is how our finished solutions look. Inspiration and examples for innovative office designs, implemented with System 3400 partition glass walls.