Kubus I Dialog

Kubus I Dialog is an ideal room solution for concentrated work and meetings between two people. Its good sound insulation guarantees confidentiality, and the acoustically effective surfaces provide pleasant room acoustics. Kubus I Dialog is multifunctional: it can be optionally equipped with monitors and data cables to make it a multimedia or video conference room. Thanks to its L-shape, the room system can be mirrored simply and combined into groups of two or four. Like all the Kubus variants, Kubus I Dialog is impressive with its short assembly times, and it is optically compatible with all Strähle partition wall and acoustic systems.

  • Kubus I Dialog
  • Kubus I Dialog
  • Kubus I Dialog
  • Kubus I Dialog
  • Kubus I Dialog
  • Showroom Borkheide - Kubus I Dialog
  • Showroom Borkheide - Kubus I Dialog

Technical details.

Design: Combination of single glazing and double-shell solid wall design
Dimensions: L 2,200 mm / W 1,600 mm / H 2,300 mm
Glazing: Single glazing 10 mm toughened glass
Door element: All-glass door 10 mm toughened glass
Sound insulation: Approx. Dn,T,w = 25 dB
Room acoustics: Micro-perforated ceiling panel and optional felt-covered wall panels
Ventilation: Air extraction device integrated into the system ceiling combined with flow duct, output up to 120 m3/h

Room documentation.

This is how our solutions look when they have been implemented. Inspiration and examples for innovative office designs, implemented with the Kubus I room-in-room system.


Technische Dokumentationen und Objektbeispiele finden Sie hier.