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Advanced Training Centre, Heidelberg

The Advanced Training Centre has given a whole new look to the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg. Here, the form and function of this new centre of scientific knowledge are in perfect symbiosis. Just like the blueprint for all life forms, DNA, the basic geometrical structure of the building is a double helix. Arranged in two spirals which pass through the interior of the building and encircle it on the outside, 66 levels are joined by glass walkways in a manner reminiscent of the base pairs in DNA. The building will be used for training, information and presenting research findings, and will be available for international congresses.


Complementing the façade are polygonal glass partition wall systems separating the offices from the exhibition rooms.

Builder EMBL, Heidelberg, Klaus Tschira Stiftung GmbH, Heidelberg
Architect Bernhardt + Partner, Darmstadt
Photographie Huber Fotodesign
Partition systems 3400
Accessory systems 7000

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