Partition walls as a COVID-compliant solution that will add value!

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will fundamentally change workplaces and how we use offices. Although working from home will become the default option, it will be part of an overall concept and not the sole solution; teamwork and interaction between employees will be more important than ever. We believe that the office will remain a key location to give businesses their identity.


As a result, many companies are currently facing the challenge of finding fast and affordable ways to make their open-plan office space "COVID-compliant” and therefore safe.


While Perspex or fabric partitions only offer limited protection against droplet transfers or aerosol distribution indoors, flexible partition walls from Strähle are effective and sustainable. With a range of streamlined designs (such as the System 3400 fully glazed wall), they are a safe and cost-effective way to divide and separate office space in the long term. This creates fully functional and visually attractive rooms within your office space, enabling you to achieve an effective occupancy rate whilst adhering to hygiene regulations.

Add value through sound insulation and flexibility.

Strähle’s glass partition walls are designed to have excellent sound insulation values and, for added value, can be used to give your office space a completely new feel. As our systems can be repositioned if requirements change, they are designed for long-term use and can also be combined with our Kubus systems to integrate video conference rooms into existing space.

Advantages of partitions as a COVID-compliant solution:


  • Partitioning with system walls meets SARS-CoV-2 work protection standards
  • Enclosed rooms are an effective shielding measure
  • Allows efficient use of space while adhering to social distancing regulations
  • Can be installed quickly (in approx. 8 weeks if single glazing is used)
  • Can be repositioned for long-term use
  • Added value due to additional sound insulation
  • Transparency enables communication despite distancing
  • Design upgrade (new office surroundings have a motivational effect)
  • Employees feel valued as they can return to a COVID-secure workplace


  • Basic range: System 3400 fully glazed wall or System 2000 as a solid wall and double glazing with an anodised aluminium surface
  • System 7400 glass acoustic wall as an open room-structuring solution


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UCL study as a guideline for offices in accordance with COVID-19

In collaboration with experts from the renowned UCL (University College London) and specialists from CBRE (global real estate services), MCM (architecture & design), Sandy Brown Associates LLP (acousticians), Adynaton (asset management and development), Strähle Raum-Systeme (as a specialist for partitions and acoustics systems) participated in a comprehensive study of offices during COVID-19.
The objective of the study was to develop an independent and scientific guideline on how offices can be designed whilst taking hygiene concepts into account. 

Guidance note for commerical offices following Covid-19 executive summary

Guidance note for commercial offices: Safe return to work during COVID-19