Quality begins with the consultation.

Our core competence lies in the development of tailor-made solutions and we therefore place paramount importance on competent consultation from the planning stage. To ensure this, every region in Germany has its own planning consultant who will factor in your individual needs and requirements. Together with architects and clients, we strive to develop the ideal solution every time. Here you can find your personal contact.

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Sales management south / Location Waiblingen

Robert Becherer

T +49 7151 1714-424, r.becherer@straehle.de

Sales area west

Bernhard Reinelt

Homeoffice: T +49 2934 7796-60 b.reinelt@straehle.de

Sales area south-east

Michael Sandig

T +49 7151 1714-348, m.sandig@straehle.de

Sales area south-west

Norbert Modick

T +49 7151 1714-373, n.modick@straehle.de

Sales area central-south

Rene Stasa

T +49 7151 1714-427 r.stasa@straehle.de

Sales area central

Alexander Wiemer

T +49 7151 1714-346, a.wiemer@straehle.de

Area north
Sales management north / Location Borkheide

Wolfgang Hess

T +49 33845 66-121, w.hess@straehle.de

Sales area north

Uwe Kaude

T +49 4174 - 6694756, u.kaude@straehle.de

Sales area central-north

Dieter Zirbes

Homeoffice: T +49 5732 6834 - 74, d.zirbes@straehle.de

Sales area east

Thomas Heese

T +49 33845.66-154, t.heese@straehle.de

Sales acoustic systems

Urban Stallbaumer

+49 7151 1714 411, u.stallbaumer@straehle.de

Sales room-in-room-systems

Kornelia Fiegel-Schmitt

+49 7151 1714 433, k.fiegel-schmitt@straehle.de

Patrick Tausend

+49 7151 1714 435, p.tausend@straehle.de

System parts

Jürgen Kleinermanns

+49 7151 1714 409, j.kleinermanns@straehle.de