Ceiling absorber - System 7300

System 7300 is the optimum supplement to wall absorbers. It is suitable for fitting to ceilings with concrete core temperature control and can therefore be easily installed in offices with modern architecture. In open-space office situations, the absorbers prevent unwanted reflections on the ceiling and guarantee pleasant acoustics. They can be fitted over a large surface and, thanks to their noise absorption rating of 1.0, they have a major effect on the room's reverberation. Lights or other components can be integrated into the suspended elements.

  • Ceiling absorber System 7300 - Dürr, Bietigheim
  • Ceiling absorber System 7300
  • Ceiling absorber System 7300 - acoustic showroom, Waiblingen
  • Ceiling absorber System 7300

Technical details

Noise absorption: αw of a closed suspended ceiling up to 0.95 of equivalent sound absorption surface, depending on the version
Surface: Metal
Thickness of absorber: 35 mm

Case studies

This is how our finished solutions look. Inspiration and examples for innovative office designs, implemented with System 7300.


Technical documentation and planning examples can be found here.