Organisational systems

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Organisational systems

Produkt information

The intelligent wall

Strähle develops its products with a holistic view of the requirements and needs of the users. The system joint of the partition walls is used for hanging furniture and accessories. These can be attached tool-free in just a few movements. Shelves and sideboards in a number of different open and closed versions, flipcharts, coat racks, door plates, magnetic rails and other extras enable individual design of the workplaces.


Technical Details

  • Organisational system integrated as standard
  • Height-adjustable in steps of 32 mm
  • Freely accessible but concealed fi xing locations
  • Can support heavy loads

Vertical organisation



Walls from Strähle fulfil a function. Even the basic version of the partition walls with patented mullion construction are pre-equipped with a vertical organisational system. The elements are fixed to the wall substructure using the vertical joints, thus creating optical and functional unity with the wall. 

Offices can thus be arranged individually and quickly. They can also be flexibly changed if requirements change


  • Organisational system integrated as standard
  • Height-adjustable in steps of 32 mm
  • Freely accessible organisational joints without piping profile
  • Can support heavy loads

Organisational accessories

Well-organised work

Often it's the little things that make for good organisation. Each element of Strähle's wide range of organisational accessories only needs to be hung in place and can be repositioned at any time, added to or extended as required


  • Door plates
  • Central hooks
  • Coat hooks/rails
  • Picture hooks
  • Storage trays
  • Button magnets

Technical Details

The vertical wall organisation already integrated as standard combine maximum flexibility with a high aesthetic standard and ensure an individual, motivating working environment. 

Vertical wall organisation

Case studies


Here you will find our product selection for the organizational elements in your office. Your personal contact: Mrs. Kerner, Phone: 07151 - 17140, Email:


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