ÖKK, Landquart

The new headquarters of the insurance company ÖKK Versicherung in Landquart, designed by the architects Bearth & Deplazes, fascinates the beholder with its supporting structure of whitecoloured precast concrete elements. This exterior supporting layer is combined with a fully-glazed facade behind it. Concrete arches of identical design to those outside demarcate an atrium in the interior. The offi ces and conference rooms were designed with System 3400 partition walls. This fully-glazed system with minimal cross sections is incorporated into the room-defining round arches as a fullygazed structure, in a similar way to the facade. 


The transparent and flexible room structure caters to the owner‘s wish for communicative work processes and efficient decision-making. Glass partition walls with a standard grid dimension of 1,100 mm and room heights of up to 3,300 mm with sound insulation values of Rwp to 41 dB were provided. The sections were anodized in a special colour. 


Ninety roomheight and well-soundproofed aluminium framed doors, non-rebated on both sides and built into a slender 64 mm deep frame, complete the walls in this architecturally unusual and ambitious project.


Projectdocumentation (PDF_3,4 MB)

Builder ÖKK Kranken- und Unfallversicherung AG
Architect Bearth & Deplazes Architekten, Chur
Photographie Ralph Feiner
Partition systems 3400

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