Alte Gießerei (Old Foundry) Jena

The listed historic "Old Foundry" building was erected as a reinforced concrete construct over the basement with a barrel vault roof only six centimetres thick, as part of the extension to the southern Carl Zeiss works, based on plans by the Schreiter & Schlag bureau. The former "Building 28" aluminium foundry was restored and converted into an office complex by Waldhelm Architects. The elongated building is characterised by an elegant transparency and clear emphasis of horizontal lines.


As the floor is almost seven meters high, a solid wood ceiling was incorporated, which the building, thanks to its heavy-duty design, is easily able to support. In the interior, with a building depth of 18 metres, you can see an attractive central gallery which characterises a large part of the building.


The Strähle partition wall system 3500 with double glazing provides both transparency and a high level of sound insulation. The system together with solid doors was chosen for the office spaces. The all-glass system without vertical posts underlines the elegant ambience of the old foundry.


Builder GW Classic GmbH & Co. KG
Architect Waldhelm Architekten, Jena
Partition systems 3500

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