Kubus I Micro

Kubus I Micro is the perfect retreat area in an open space. It can be used as an individual workplace where staff can really concentrate, or for making phone calls and holding video conferences undisturbed: Kubus can be used flexibly and provides good sound insulation. Wooden surfaces and the use of textiles provide for a cosy working atmosphere and pleasant room acoustics. Big functionality in a small space: Kubus I Micro has an integrated ventilation system, lighting and a presence detector as standard. It is also particularly ergonomically designed. Its compact dimensions guarantee efficient use of space.

  • Kubus I Micro
  • Kubus I Micro
  • Kubus I micro
  • Kubus I micro
  • Kubus I micro
  • Kubus I Micro

Design: Combination of single glazing and double-shell solid wall design
Wall thickness: Solid wall 100 mm
Glazing: Single glazing 10 mm toughened glass
Door element: All-glass door 10 mm toughened glass
Sound insulation: Approx. Dn,T,w = 25 dB 
Room acoustics: Micro-perforated ceiling panel and optional felt-covered wall panels 
Ventilation: Air extraction device integrated into the system ceiling combined with flow duct, output up to 120 m3/h

Case studies

This is how our finished solutions look. Inspiration and examples for innovative office designs, implemented with room-in-room-system Kubus I.


Technical documentation and planning examples can be found here.