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Roche - Home4IT, Basel

When planning the four new office buildings for Roche in Kaiseraugst, the focus was on innovation and communication between the departments. In the centre of each building, the upper floors are linked together via aerial spaces and staggered levels. Different arrangements of stairs and varying spatial configurations of the atria give each building its own unmistakeable identity. The offices are arranged with flexible glass wall systems. 


The double-shell all-glass System 2300 with structural glazing doors provides an elegant ambience for the floors thanks to the white flush-fit glazing, the white structural glazing bonding and the profiles which have been reduced to a design minimum. Around the atrium, glass walls as safety barriers have been integrated into the structural glazing system.


In order to combine transparency and discretion in a practical way with a high-quality appearance, curtains were integrated into the system in the conference and meeting rooms.

Builder F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Basel
Architect Nissen Wentzlaff Architekten, Basel
Photos Beat Ernst © Roche Ltd.
Partition systems 2300
Door systems Structural glazing doors

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