Office Building Raboisen

In the open-space areas of an office landscape used by a consultancy company, Kubus II-T serves as an area of retreat for meetings and presentations. Thanks to the slim mullion/transom construction and the three-sided glass surfaces, the room-in-room system seems light and transparent. With a sound insulation value of 42 dB, the Kubus system offers the ideal space for both concentrated work and informal dialogue. The coloured accents of the furnishings are an exciting contrast to the warm wood tones. The dark multifunction wall incorporates acoustic elements, monitors and shelving systems. The room-high walls in the office area were also built using System T and coordinate perfectly with the free-standing cubes. 

Builder Customes business consultants
Architect Bühring Bühring Architekten
Photographie Huber Fotodesign
Partition systems System T
Room-in-room systems Kubus II-T