Financial Institution, London

Glass walls with anodised black profiles and with fronted slats characterise the offices used by a London financial consultancy. With their combination of warm wooden surfaces and different shades of bronze, they are truly elegant and stylish. The glass walls without mullions used are System 3400 and 3500, with single-glazed and double-glazed elements respectively. The slats on the panes provide discretion and at the same time, with their horizontal and vertical arrangement, they provide elegant style elements.


The all-glass system from Strähle has been reduced to the essentials, whilst offering maximum transparency and high noise protection. Thanks to the room-high glazing of the partition walls, the interior communication zones receive maximum daylight. The doors are in solid wood while the aluminium frames feature slats.


A free-standing all-glass wall forms a special highlight in the reception area. Thanks to the combination of modern furnishings, high-quality materials and perfectly orchestrated lighting, the rooms have a unique ambience.

Builder Financial Institution
Partition systems 3500, 3400
Door systems Solid doors, Aluminium framed doors

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