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Room-in-room-system with single glazing

The all-glass Kubus imports transparent retreat areas into large office spaces. The elegant aluminium structure of Kubus I with its all-glass design flush to the outside fits smoothly into the existing architecture. In addition to the quality of the design, the Kubus models offer excellent sound insulation. Even in the single-glazed version, sound level differences of up to 34 dB have been achieved.

Always well-ventilated 

The standard version of the Kubus is equipped with a ventilation and an air extraction device with an output of 210 m³/h to ensure a supply of fresh air. This can be easily controlled via a multifunction touch display. As an option, the room system can be supplemented with a self-contained electrical cooling unit.

  • Kubus I Team
  • Kubus I Team
  • Kubus I - Skyoffice, Waiblingen
  • Kubus I - Skyoffice, Waiblingen
  • Kubus I - Skyoffice, Waiblingen
  • Kubus I - Munich Re, Munich
  • Kubus I - regulation cooling
  • Kubus I - cooling
  • Kubus I - lighting
  • Kubus I - micro
  • Kubus I - micro
  • Kubus I - micro
  • Kubus I - micro
  • Kubus I
  • Kubus I

Technical details

  • Design: All-glass Kubus with aluminium bearer design
  • Lengths: 2598 mm / 3598 mm
  • Width: 2769 mm
  • Height: 2300 mm
  • Single-glazed glass panes
  • Types of glass: 10 mm toughened glass/16 mm laminated glass
  • Inner supports: E6/EV1 aluminium support, 50x25 mm, structural stability certificate is available
  • Doors: GG 10: 10 mm all-glass door with floor seal, 34 dB Rwp; AR 40: 40 mm aluminium frame door with 12 mm SI laminated glass glazing, 39 dB Rwp
  • Ceiling: Micro-perforated double-shell metal cassette, RAL 9016 white
  • Sound insulation: Variant with 10 mm toughened glass: approx. Dn,T,w = 28 dB (equivalent to R’w approx. 32 dB), variant with 16 mm laminated glass: approx. Dn,T,w = 32 dB (equivalent to R’w approx. 39 dB)
  • Ventilation: Integrated combined ventilation and air extraction device, performance up to 210 m³/h
  • Control: Multifunction touch display to control lighting and ventilation

Case studies

This is how our finished solutions look. Inspiration and examples for innovative office designs, implemented with room-in-room system Kubus I.


Technical documentation and planning examples can be found here.