Cupboard or wall? Cupboard wall.
Efficient use of the office space

Cupboard systems

Storage space marvel

Efficient use of space is a fundamental requirement in planning offices. Strähle has developed multifunctional cupboard systems integrated into the partition walls. They not only offer a uniform design, but also more storage space despite using a smaller surface area.

  • Cupboard - Partition wall System 2000
  • Cupoard - Partition wall System T
  • Cupoard Partition wall System T
  • Cupoards - Partition wall System MTS
  • MTS cupboard
  • MTS cupboard - Partition wall System MTS
  • Cupboard system - partition wall System 3400

Cupboard System 5000

The versatile cupboard

The integrated cupboard system ideally complements the partition wall systems from Strähle. The identical floor and ceiling fittings help to create a harmonious, unified design solution. The system can be fitted as an individual cupboard using the continuous construction principle, as a cupboard wall, or as a room divider. Cupboard walls with large sliding doors are particularly practical.

  • Optimum use of space
  • Maximum storage and stowage space
  • Unified design of cupboard and wall
  • When combined with the organisational system it creates a perfect storage system
  • Noise protection up to 45 dB Rwp when used as a room divider
  • Cupoard Partition wall System T
  • Cupboard - Partition wall System 2000

MTS cupboard system

The multifunctional cupboard

The MTS cupboard system combines the two components, cupboard and wall, to form a completely new interior upgrade system. The cupboard provides storage space and serves as a room divider, and can also be used to fulfil other functions such as lighting and air conditioning. In this way, MTS supports integral planning concepts which aim to save valuable energy and resources through intelligently linking the building structure and decentralised technology.

The MTS cupboard system is more than just a cupboard

  • Storage space
  • Room dividers
  • Climate control
  • Lighting
  • Noise absorption
  • MTS cupboard - Partition wall System MTS
  • MTS cupboard
  • MTS cupboard with partition wall MTS

Technical details

The cupboards and room deviders can be created in countless variations. Here you will find some solutions and standard details. Your Strähle planning consultant will be pleased to provide you with information on individual solutions suited to your project. Obtain an obligation-free quote in your area.


The strähle brochure and planning examples can be found here.